Here is our weekly nominee for DUMBEST CRIMINAL of the year, 26-year-old Sirgiorgiro Clardy is a PIMP in Portland, Oregon. And even though he's got a great name he's a TERRIBLE person. In June of 2012, a john tried to leave a hotel without paying one of Clardy's prostitutes. And Clardy gave him a BRUTAL beating, including stomping on the guy's face over and over. He ended up being convicted of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon.

Well . . . Clardy was wearing Nike AIR JORDANS at the time. And now he's filed a $100 million lawsuit against Nike . . . for not putting a warning label on Air Jordans noting that it's dangerous to stomp on someone's face with them.

He's serving as his own lawyer in the suit. He wrote, quote, "Under product liability there is a certain standard of care that is required to be upheld by a potentially dangerous product . . . [Nike] failed to provide adequate warning or instruction."
Clardy got 100 years in prison for that beating, along with other charges for robbing the john and beating up the prostitute.

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