An anonymous sexual prank gift led a Hudson Valley woman to file a lawsuit claiming severe emotional distress.

Earlier this year we learned that an Ulster County woman was on the receiving end of a package in the mail that left her "shocked, scared, and offended by the contents." The package was so inappropriate that the woman decided to file a lawsuit seeking damages of $200,000.

Gag Gift

Ulster County Woman Receives Anonymous Prank Sexual Gift

An unidentified Ulster County woman has filed a lawsuit in the state Supreme Court in Westchester, New York after she received a package containing "a bag of gummy penises" and phallic confetti according to Lohud. After opening the prank gift the woman had hundreds of pieces of phallic confetti go all all over her clothing, as well as nearby furniture, and onto the floor according to her lawsuit.

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Gag Gift

Suing Two Companies

The lawsuit names two companies and alleges that Cloud Peak and Rain Parade mailed the "penile prank" to her address on behalf of an unknown customer and both should be held responsible for the distress the gift has caused. She says that after receiving the gift she became "anxious, fearful, and distraught" at the thought of her 7 and 10-year-old children discovering the package's contents.

"The companies' conduct was extreme and outrageous, beyond all bounds of decency tolerated by society, and would be regarded as atrocious, and utterly intolerable in a civilized community"

She is also suing the sender of the package as a "John Doe" because their identity is unknown at this time, but by filing a lawsuit in court it could reveal the sender's real name. She is seeking $200,000 in compensation.

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