I admitted it yesterday, I've watched "Back to The Future" once...maybe. The only thing I got from the movie was the awesome Hoverboards, the weird moment between Marty McFly and his mom and the sick Nike sneakers that tie themselves.

Big screen tv's, video messaging and a few other predictions about the future came to be. The Cubs definitley didn't win the World Series and Hoverboards unfortunately don't exists. However, yesterday Marty McFly himself Michael J. Fox posted a video on Twitter trying on a new pair of kicks.

I would say Mr. Fox was lacing up the sneakers, but like in "Back to The Future" the sneakers tie themselves. Check out the video of Michael J. Fox trying on the first pair of the 2015 Nike Mag:

I'm going home watching "Back to The Future" and saving my money so I can have the second pair of these bad boys. According to Nike, the 2015 Nike Mag are limited edition and can only be purchased at auction. So, I'm going to have to save A LOT of money. Challenge accepted.

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