So on this Mother's Day 2015 I thought I would share some of the millions of things I learned from my my Mom. In her short 48 years she must have taught or told me at least 2 things everyday. Don't do the math just take my word for it, she bestowed at least a million pearls of her wisdom on me.

Here are 3 of those pearls that are top of mind today May 10 2015.

Number 1 - She taught me how to grow roses. However mine still don't look a great as her's did. Of course she also didn't battle my deer population. And don't get me started on aphids. But as my Mom would say "no excuses"

Number 2 - She taught me to always say please and most importantly thank you. My Mom was Emily Post. Everything I know about manner's I learned from her. Some days I am stunned at how lazy i have become when it comes to proper etiquette. I hear her in my head with her version of ... REALLY?!?! She had a great sense of humor. I like to think it is where I got mine.

And Number 3 - Because of my Mom I can cook a killer Roast beef with Yorkshire pudding. My Mom's go to recipe book was The Good House Keeping Cook Book copyright 1949, it is still the best basic recipe book in my cook book library. Yes, I have a cook book library. I am secretly a frustrated Julia Child thanks to my Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms everywhere and remember listen to your Mom, she knows things you don't. Wow I just sounded like my Mom.

Merle Haggard - Mama Tried



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