Everyone this week is getting ready for next week when they will take their kids to college. Before you know it everyone will be back to school from kindergarten to High School. All of this back to school stuff got me thinking about my favorite school supplies as a kid. Back then you didn't get a list from the school you just got what your parents thought you needed. So break out the boss's credit card and get some back to school supplies for your office.

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My favorite things to get for back to school included Number 2 Pencils, Three ring binders with college ruled loose leaf paper and the white rubber erasers only teaches seemed to have. I liked Bic pens and sharpie markers but they didn't come in the colors they do today. I also was a big fan of the pocket folders with the middle that held paper. To this day if I go into an office supply store I end up leaving with one of these items. As a grown up I have also discovered I can't live without large size index cards and wild color highlighters.

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