Is mom doing the right thing?

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess show we dim the lights, light a few candles and turn the Wolf studio into your therapists office, minus the couch, but we got some advice for a fellow Wolf listener looking for some help with a problem.

Some weeks the "problem" is a serious one, other weeks not so much and this week I think we are somewhere in between. Here is our "We Gotcha Wednesday" email for today...A Hudson Valley mom wrote us....

"So my two kids and my husband and I are all getting pretty close during this whole stay at home thing. My husband is considered essential so most days he leaves for work each day. When all of this started we did try to plan ahead by stocking up on TP but now we are running dangerously low. I went to the store yesterday and tried to find some, but the store I went to was out of it. UGH!
Now here is why I writing you guys...I have 2 rolls I hid for myself and I really don't want anyone in the house to know that I have them. If we run out, I think I would use them and not let the boys know I have them. I am the only woman in the house and I need that in my life!!! No way I can go without it! Sometimes I feel guilty, sometimes I don't and I feel like I deserve it being stuck here all day with the boys and trying to take care of everything. Am I a bad mom/wife or is it OK that I am hiding it? Like I said I feel guilty, sometimes."

WELL....After taking some calls on the air, I think mom has to think about what is going to happen if her boys don't have a toilet paper to use after they take care of business. If they have nothing to wipe with they might start using clothing.....EWWWW!!

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