Do you find yourself spending a lot of time outdoors? Do you live near Ulster County? Are you the type of person who likes to volunteer while being a part of something fun?

Saying yes to these questions could be your first step to becoming a volunteer at the Mohonk Preserve. I have always admired people whose lives are organized enough that they find time to give back to their community.

Mohonk Preserve is Looking for Volunteers for 2024

So many places in the Hudson Valley count on a volunteer force to keep things going. We have nature centers, music ventures, animal organizations, and zoos that look to bring in volunteers each year to help run what they have going on.

Mohonk Preserve via Google
Mohonk Preserve via Google

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Mohonk Preserve is looking for volunteers right now. They have volunteer orientations starting next week and running through the end of April. You can volunteer for everything from Peregrine Watching to Bike Patrol. They also have opportunities indoors that are more administrative.

Volunteer at the Mohonk Preserve in Gardiner, New York

All of the training you need to volunteer is provided by the preserve. The session takes place either at Mohonk Preserve on 44/55 in Gardiner, New York or they are online on Zoom. You can check the schedule online at

Trapps cliffs in Autumn

Mohonk Preserve's mission is to protect the northern Shawangunk Ridge. They want to inspire people to care for, enjoy, and explore the natural areas we have in the Hudson Valley.

If you don't have time to volunteer that's ok the Mohonk Preserve still wants you to be one of the people who enjoys the programs they offer year-round. The preserve offers hiking trails, biking trails, and cliffs to climb.

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