With the winter weather that has set in this week most of us are feeling like spring is pretty far off. Truth is next Tuesday we will be checking in with the ground hog to see just how long we will have to wait for warmer weather. Hard to believe that Ground Hog Day is already on the calendar for next weeks things to do, 2021 is moving fast.

So now that you know Ground Hog Day is next Tuesday (February 2, 2021) why not plan to do something fun that is based around the event. If you have kids ages 5 to 7 the Mohonk Preserve has a free virtual program your kids will love. They will be talking ground hog 101 including what do ground hogs have to do with the arrival of spring and why shadows are important to the seasons.

This is a mid morning event from 10AM to 11AM. To register you can click here or go to mohonkpreserve.org/events. The nice thing about this program is that it is online and you can enjoy it with your kids from the comfort of your couch.

I am going to be keeping an eye on my yard next Tuesday. Last year I had a ground hog move in for most of the spring and part of the summer then it vanished. I will be keeping my eye out for it again this year. Last year it was a bit mischievous and I want to get a head start on setting up the boundaries. I am also hoping that he or she will deliver the news that Spring is on the way.

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