There may or may not be many tours this year but Minard's Family Farm is still planning to have there CBD Farm tours again in 2020. Minard's posted to their Facebook page Sunday that they are in the planning stages for their Hemp farm tours this summer. They also wanted to make clear that they aren't growing "pot" but instead Hemp which is used to make CBD products.

Minard's Family Farm is located in Clintondale at 250 Hurds Rd. For decades they have been a destination for families to enjoy farm fun and holiday celebrations. They started giving their hemp tours last year. A lot of Hudson Valley residents along with other visitors to the valley took last years tours which are designed to inform and educate people about hemp farming and it's benefits.

Overall Hemp farming in the Hudson Valley has gone well. There were a few incidence involving people who mistook the Hemp for Marijuana resulting in farmers having to protect their fields from misinformed thieves. There were also some complaints towards the end of the growing season regarding the pungent smell that came from the hemp crop. We will have to see if any of these things will hold true again this year.

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