I've lived in the Hudson Valley most of my life so I know fall is pretty special in our neck of the woods.

People travel hours to get a taste of the country living by visiting one of the hundreds of apple and pumpkin picking farms in our area. This weekend I made a stop at Minard's Family Farms in Clintondale for the first time ever.

They had a bunch of great activities going on for the kids and of course apple and pumpkins galore.

Now I don't have any kids, but there was one attraction that popped out to me.

The Apple Cannon.



I thought that it would be a little cannon-shooter that you find at the Dutchess County Fair, but no. Theses were huge military like cannons. The young kid running the game told me they use damaged apples or ones that are too small to sell as their ammunition. And they even use small pumpkins.

I couldn't say no to this opportunity. I'm thinking of becoming an Apple Cannon shooter when I retire. You can catch some of my skills below:

For the record, the kid on the left said if I hit the truck I'd get a free turn. Second try and I nailed it. Apple Cannon pro right here.

Minard's Family Farm is located at 250 Hurds Road in Clintondale.

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