Today I discovered that later this year, hopefully by the fall, a local family farm will be able to give us an Educational Hemp Tour. Minard's Family farm has officially planted Hemp as a crop and will be offering tours later this year according to their Facebook post from yesterday. With the help of Team Hepworth and Hempire State Growers of the Hudson Valley, the first crop of Hemp is planted for the CBD crop.

Now before you think that this well-known family farm is gotten into the "pot" growing business think again. Minard's plans to grow the hemp for CBD use which is growing in popularity. By now you have probably heard something about CBD and it's benefits. The educational tours that are going to be available to the public will be informative for all of us who have only seen the headlines.

Minard's Family Farm has been a family run for decades in the Hudson Valley. Their family farm has always open to the public for multiple events and the new tours will add on more reason to visit. They have apple picking, a farm stand and all kinds of family fun in the fall that includes a corn maze and pumpkin picking. It seems now that they will also be helping those of us unfamiliar with Hemp understand how it grows and what the industry means to local farmers.

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