If you take a quick glance outside of your window today, you'll understand this update from the MTA.

The Hudson Valley is on track to get hit pretty hard by Winter Storm Orlena. According to Hudson Valley Weather.Com, we're expected to get anywhere between 8 inches to 16 inches of snow with some areas of the Valley in the 20 inches zone.

Needless to say, travel is going to be a mess for the next few hours.

Metro-North took today's weather into consideration and announced updates for their trains and travel.

ABC7 NY reports that MTA service will end early today with the last train departing at 9:39 pm. Train services may be"severely curtailed or suspended" due to frozen rails, downed trees, and the amount of snow we're expecting.

According to ABC7:

Metro-North Railroad installed third rail snow shoes on its electric trains to scrape ice off of exposed third rails, is shrouding exposed train couplers with snow covers to keep snow out, is treating exposed shoes with deicer, and is spraying door panels with anti-freeze agent.

Most of us aren't doing much traveling these days, but if you're heading out and using Metro-North keep these travel notices in mind.

If you were planning on flying out of LaGuardia today, 81% of their flights have been canceled.

For more Metro-North updates when it comes to train arrivals and delays head on over to the MTA website or Metro-North Train Time or MYmta apps.

If you don't have to be anywhere and can work from home, your best bet is to stay inside today.

Stay warm and stay safe!

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