I have spent a lot of time driving.  I put on many, many miles every year and I've seen things that make me nervous, laugh and just shake my head but one thing that always makes me mad is people that don't know how to merge.

In fact, I even wrote THIS blog about it a few weeks ago.r

Every other car.  It's that simple.  If you see your lane is ending, get over as soon as possible.

Today I was driving on 9W toward Marlboro and right there by the McDonald's where the lane ends, someone just flew past me and in front of me.  Ok, fine.

Out of nowhere though, another car comes speeding past and almost hit me.  I was forced to slam on my brakes and BAM!  I was hit from behind by a dump truck that was also trying to avoid someone cutting in front of him.

Thankfully no one was injured and the damage was minor but it all could have been avoided by just waiting your turn, merging properly and paying better attention.

Be careful out there.

I'm sorry if my little fender bender caused any traffic headaches for you today.


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