I'm guilty of purchasing a mint infused hot chocolate every once in a while, but mostly during the holidays. However, I might just have to try something a little different this March.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday so we'll most likely be focused on beer, chips and chicken wings. Following the Super Bowl we have Valentines Day where some will be enjoying fancy chocolates given to them by their loved ones, while others will be crying over a pint of ice cream. But what do as we wait for St. Patricks Day in March?

We enjoy a McDonalds Shamrock Shake of course! This year McDonalds is changing things up a bit by offering a Chocolate Shamrock Shake. According to FoxNews, McDonalds was inspired with the idea when they noticed several customers ordering hot chocolate with a splash of mint syrup from their secret menu. If you've never had a mint hot chocolate, think of a Thin Mint.


McDonalds will also be offering several secret Shamrock drinks including a Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappé which is a mocha frappe with whipped topping, green sugar and a drizzle of chocolate syrup as well as Shamrock Mocha, a hot beverage which is like the hot chocolate, but comes up with a shot espresso.


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