We have all heard about Mercury being in retrograde. Many of us use it as an excuse for all things electronic going wrong in our live. Apparently, Mercury effects electronics. It has actually become common place to hear someone say "well Mercury must be in retrograde". If you think Mercury can cause issues get ready for Mars. Yes, Mars is in retrograde now through November 13th which yes, also happens to be a Friday.

So before I get into what Mars will supposedly be doing to us over the next 2 months, let me take a moment to explain what retrograde means in astrological terms. I found a great article at Bustle.com that explains it really well, thanks to astrologer Leslie Hale of Keen.com. Basically it means "going backwards" but the planets don't actually go backwards they just appear to be traveling in reverse.

So Mars, the red planet named for the God of War has gone retrograde. What does that mean for us? Well, your cell phone should be fine but everything else in your life might be chaotic. According to Refinery29 with Mars be so close to earth we can expect to be on quite a ride emotional and physically. They quoted Mysticalcraft Arriana a Keen.com advisor and tarot card reader as saying, "Try to take the next few months with an open mind, as it will be intense during this time as Mars comes in and shakes up our lives Mars style."

Refinery29 goes onto say that Narayana Montufar a senior astrologer at SunSigns.com said we can expect, "Low energy, lack of sex drive, simmering anger, and stifling passions" apparently these are classic for Mars retrograde.

All I have to say on the subject so far is that since Mars went into retrograde last Wednesday things have been interesting to say the least. Don't take my word for it, Think back on your recent week. Are you feel the affects of Mars appearing to be traveling backwards?

I don't claim to be an astrologer or a spiritual leader of any kind but I do have some common sense advice for anyone who may be feeling the pull of Mars. Deep breath first and foremost. Keep calm, and then I suggest we set ourselves up for a few weeks of chaos which may try our patience. Dig out all the things that keep you sane and keep them close.

We also need to realize that Friday, November 13th is right around the corner. Yes, we are waiting for Friday the 13th to set the world right again, after all it is 2020 the year of everything weird. The good news in all of this is that everything I read says if we can stay focused, keep our eye on the prize, we will arrive at a new beginning that will be pretty awesome. Hopefully, you can believe in all of that too.


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