Some people just never learn. You hear accounts of courts mandating drunk driving education classes or victim impact meetings for defendants busted for driving while intoxicated to attend. The DWI impact meetings are supposed to get the point across about the potentially dire consequences of driving drunk, often with first-hand accounts from victims of drunk driving. However, you're not allowed to show up to the meeting while actually drunk. This is exactly what one 63-year-old man stands accused of doing Wednesday night.

The Chautauqua County Sheriff says that the suspect was charged with DWI on his way to a DWI Impact Meeting at the Ashville Boces Complex in Ashville, NY. WENY says that deputies determined that the man was drunk while registering for the class right there in the facility. Officials say that the man's BAC was near twice the legal limit. Guess he failed the class.

The Erie, Pennsylvania man will be expected back in town court at an undetermined date. There is no official word if there are classes that educate against the dangers of driving drunk to drunk driving education classes in that part of New York state.

A somewhat similar incident happened in January 2020, when a mother, who was taking her child to disciplinary court, was busted herself for being intoxicated. The Post Star reports that a 38-year-old Hudson Falls woman was in family court when a probation officer suspected her of being drunk. After a little investigating, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office was then called. Officials say the woman had a blood alcohol content of 0.24 percent, which is triple the legal limit.

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