Imagine finding an old lottery ticket and finding out the ticket is worth $24 million.

First, I don't have any luck like this, second it really happened to a New Jersey guy.

His name is Jimmie Smith, of East Orange, New Jersey and he is sitting pretty today with a pile of cash after he found an old New York Lottery ticket stuffed away in an old shirt back in May, according to the Daily Freeman.

After finding the ticket he went to cash it in two days before the ticket would have expired and he would have gotten nothing.

The New York Lottery just finished there review of his jackpot claim and found that he is the winner of the $24.1 million jackpot.

Smith, who is a retired security guard, told lottery officials that he has been playing the lottery in New York and New Jersey for many years and most of the time he doesn't rush to check his tickets, he said he checks them when he has the time.

Smith chose to get his jackpot winnings spread out over 26 years.

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