After "Stella" hit us with a ton of snow, if you have natural gas at your house make sure you clear the outside vents of snow.

According to WTEN, if the vent is blocked by snow it could cause a build up of carbon monoxide, which could create a really dangerous situation for everyone inside the house.

As you know carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, but, being colorless, odorless, tasteless, and initially non irritating, it is difficult for people to detect according to Wikipedia. If someone breaths in too much carbon monoxide, they could get carbon monoxide poisoning with symptoms similar to the flu and include nausea, headache, and dizziness. Large exposures can lead to toxicity of the central nervous system and heart, and death.

Experts told WTEN that we should double check that every vent, exchanges, and gas regulators that are around your house to make sure that they are all cleaned off so that air can move through regularly, as its supposed to do.

Always remember to have working CO and smoke detectors in all living areas of your home.

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