Now that we are going to be getting back out and doing more I wanted to take a moment to talk about the arts in the Hudson Valley. As I am sure you are aware the Hudson Valley is full of many talent artist in many different disciples. To do them all justice I would have to type a manifest. So for this particular article I want to focus on how you can find art you might be interested in around your community

Chances are the town you live in has an artists community or an organization. One of the great places to start when trying to find out more about the arts in our area is Art Along the Hudson. When you get a moment check out their Facebook page and you will see that they cover a wide variety of art and a large area of the region.

Another great resource for art in your area can be stopping into a local theatre or gallery. Soon they will be opening again if they have already and I am confident they will welcome your curiosity. Plus, should be able to help you learn more about the arts near you.

Art is something we can all do. It may seem intimidating at first but just think of all the Sip and Paints you will see advertised as we get back out to doing things in person. Those type events are fun to do with friend and they help you see that you to can be a painter.

If painting isn't an interest for you there is always community theatre, dance, pottery, music and photography just to name a few. Our local community colleges offers courses in many of these areas of study and the classes are often offered as a continuing education program so your don't have to be a full time student

Create something this year. Make 2021 the year your discover your inner artist.


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