If you have ever been to a Country show then you know that beer is almost as essential as a ticket.

Luke Bryan concerts in specific are a place that you must drink beer.  Before, during and after are formality, even if it's just one.

Now, Luke Bryan has combined the two for a once in a lifetime experience.

Two Lane American Golden Lager is the signature Luke Bryan beer.

Two Lane will hit shelves in TN, AL, GA, FL, NC, SC and Virginia on March 2 and cost you about $16 for a 12-pack.

No word on when it will work it's way up the coast but Luke says it's going to be really fresh and crisp for those states close by.

Anyone up for a road trip?  I mean, Virginia already has cheaper gas, cigarettes and now Luke Bryan beer.   I'll even drive.

Here is the commercial for the beer.



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