Growing up in Orange County I must have passed Loughran's Irish Pub at least once a week. Since I moved to Ulster County, I don't get down to Salisbury Mills that often but I can say that it would be weird to drive down Route 94 by Loughran's and not see it open.

So many of our favorite places are closing because the people we have known for years running the business are ready to retire. Fortunately, that is not the case for Loughran's Irish Pub on School House Road in Salisbury Mills, New York. Instead, it will soon have a new couple at the helm holding up the traditions Loughran's regulars have come to expect.

Popular Orange New York Irish Bar Changing Hands

In a letter posted on Social Media on December 5th, Jim Loughran explained to his loyal customers that he is not leaving the area he is just ready to give the day-to-day at the pub and will be turning it over to Jeremy and Koreena.

After 36 years and 5 months, Jim is turning over the helm to Jeremy and Koreena! They are both very excited keeping up the legacy with the energy levels I had 36 years ago! They live in Beaver Dam and Jeremy loves the commute. We were meeting one day at 10:00, he left his house at 10:00, and was here at 10:00. Pretty cool! Stop in soon and welcome Jeremy and his family that will be continuing the Loughran legacy. (via Facebook Loughran's Irish Pub)


For those regulars who have become accustomed to the hospitality at Loughran's, Jim wants to assure everyone that things will be just as good as they have been under his watch. He also quoted General Douglas MacArthur basically reassuring people he won't be going far and plans to still be part of the scenery.

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Beloved Salisbury Mills, NY Pub Announces New Staff

All of the comments being left on the Facebook post are wishing Jim well while also welcoming the new owners. Many shared their memories of over the last 30-plus years enjoying the restaurant with family and thanking Jim for making it such a great place. One contributor even shared a picture and thanked Jim for making their wedding so special. If you haven't had a chance to wish Jim well yet it sounds like he will be around a while so you could do it in person while congratulating Jeremy and Koreena.

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