Have you ever lost something and then found it again after a long period of time?

Being stuck at home like almost all of us has done a few positive things for me, I'm learning to be quite the cook and I don't think my apartment has ever been this clean. I have cleaned just about every corner of every room, top to bottom like 25 times in the last few weeks.

The over cleaning of the house has provided me with a HUGE find!!! Over the last few years I have moved in and out of a few different apartments since I got divorced and with all of the moving I have lost a few things.

Most of things I went to look for after unpacking were pretty easy to replace things like coffee mugs, kitchen utensils, basic stuff except for one thing, my grandfathers watch. My grandfather on my moms side passed away way back when I was like 4 or 5 years old so I didn't really know him and the only thing that I was given as I got older was his watch.

It was a gold watch that I would keep stored away in a box that had all my jewelry in it and when I moved out of the house I was in for a longtime I couldn't find it. I mean I thought I looked everywhere and after a few days of looking I came to the realization that I lost it. I was sooooo upset about it, it took me a few weeks to get over it.

That was about a year ago. Fast forward to early last week while I was going through a bin looking for my senior school picture for that thing everyone was doing on social media. Anyway I'm rifling though pictures and picked up an old photo book and underneath it was the watch. OMG! I was so excited that I found it and I think I'm still smiling...LOL!

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