The Town of Lloyd Police issued an alert. They are asking you to notify them if you are aware of any neighbors that may be in need of assistance after the storm.

The official Alert reads:

ALERT (INFORMATION REQUEST): Anyone with knowledge of an elderly neighbor or relative that is without power, snowed in, or has heating issues due to the storm and needs assistance within the Town of Lloyd please contact our agency (845.691.6102).

Our officers will patrol to their residence, check on their welfare and will assist them in obtaining resources to help them through the aftermath of the storm.

There are still a lot of our neighbors that are dealing with the aftermath of back-to-back Nor' Easter storms. Both storms Riley and Quinn left many communities in need of help. Due to the two storms some people have been doing without for longer than usual. Checking in with your neighbors is essential. Let them know how you are doing and see if you can pool resources whenever possible.

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