Before you know it we will be cooking up some serious thunderstorms in the Hudson Valley. New York typically gets between 20 and 40 storms per year according to

Thunderstorms can be destructive and lightning can be deadly so I thought this was the perfect time to have a bit of a refresher. Myths vs Facts about lightning can get intertwined very easily. Over the next few paragraphs, we are going to do some unraveling.

What are Some Myths About Lightning

Leave it to Weather.GOV to give more than we need to know about lighting. I look at it this way, the more we know the safer we are when a big thunder cell comes through, knowing more we will be ready with some facts, not fiction.

So what are a few of the things we think we know about lightning but in reality, they are only a myth?

Myth -  If you are in a house during a lightning storm you are safe. Fact - Being indoors is good but the fact is you aren't 100 percent safe. You still need to avoid anything electrical and windows. In old houses, which there are plenty of in the Hudson Valley can have cracks near windows that allow lightning to travel inside the window frames.

Myth - If you are trapped outside in a lightning storm you should lie flat on the ground,  Fact - Lying flat on the ground actually increases your chance of being affected if lightning strikes near you due to a deadly ground current.

Lightning Facts vs Myth

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, also know as NOAA put together five important facts and myths that we should know about lightning. There are five things you should know when encountering lightning. Keep things things in mind the next time you get stuck in a storm.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

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Thunderstorms may be more common in July and August but the fact is they can happen even in the fall and winter. Out of season storms are becoming more prevalent and the storms during the summer months are becoming much stronger so always be prepared.

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Even New York State Wants you to be safe. They have released Safety Tips that work the whole family. These include keeping an AM/FM radio handy that works on batteries, and having a weather APP on your smart phone for weather warning updates.

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