Earlier this week in a strange twist of events, CJ provided us with some useful information during the Early Morning Brain Stimulator.

The question was "Some people put this on their windshield to de-ice it. What is it?" The answer happened to be vinegar. I've never heard of doing this, but according to our listeners it actually works. Since Hudson Valley winters are nothing to joke about, I'll take this into consideration next time we have a snowy night and I have to get to work in the morning.

That same day a video was going viral of a little boy learning how to tie his shoes. Obviously it was adorable however, it was going viral for a completely different reason. The little boy, who's probably around 5, has a unique way to tie his shoes. Seriously, this would have made things so much easier when I was trying to learn. Take a look:


I'm a bunny-ears type girl, but I might have to try this out. How do you tie your shoes? And do you have any life hacks that make things easier for you throughout the day? Let us know on Facebook.

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