Don't ask me why, but recently the village of Liberty has been a hotbed for police activity lately. That is to say the local police in Liberty have been busy. Police were busy the other night as well as one Liberty man was arrested after assaulting a supermarket employee....with a bottle of liquor. Some real 'Tom & Jerry' stuff with this one.

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Not Your Average Day at the Store

Local police were alerted earlier this week to a disturbance at the Shoprite of Liberty. The disturbance, being an assault in progress. When police arrived, they were greeted by the sight of 'Good Samaritan' citizens who had the alleged assailant restrained.

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Reports indicate that the assailant Kip Banks, 31 of Liberty had left the Shoprite, went into a neighboring liquor store, stole a bottle of alcohol and then returned to the Shoprite where allegedly he struck an employee in the back of the head with the bottle of booze.

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Following the assault, Banks was restrained by both fellow customers and employees until police arrived. The employee who was assaulted did receive medical treatment for injuries sustained during the event. Police then placed Banks under arrest where he was charged with numerous crimes.

The Aftermath of the Event and Charges Against the Accused

Following the events that occured Banks was arrested and charged with...

robbery in the 1st degree, assault in the 2nd degree, criminal possession of a weapon in the 3rd degree and menacing in the 2nd degree.

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The robbery, assault and possession charges are all felonies, while the charge of menacing is a misdemeanor. Banks was then arraigned in the Town of Liberty Court and then was remanded to Sullivan County Jail without bail. Currently no information is available on when or if a trial will take place.

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Questions That Still Need Answering

An event like this is very much a shocking occurrence however there is a piece from this story that is noticeably missing. That missing piece is what could have possibly happened that lead to this event taking place at all. This is not a question to justify the actions of the accused in anyway but it a necessary question to ask because something like this doesn't happen unless something else took place before hand.

Many questions with unique one

Now whatever the reason may be, alleged actions like this is NOT the proper response. To leave the store, steal from another, return to the previous store and allegedly assault someone indicates a thought out course of action leading up to the event that took place. Hopefully when this situation is completely resolved, an answer to that question will be provided.

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