As summer sets in I always look back at cool things I have done during the summer that I might want to do again. Kicking back this past weekend I got thinking how much fun it was the summer I learned to tie dye. I had to be about 11 and my sister must have been 9. I will never forget my Mom telling us we were going to learn how to tie dye a shirt.

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I don't know whose idea it was or why we did it but I do remember it was so much fun. That was the summer of 1974. I may have tie dyed two or three time since then. I know my sister dragged out the tie dye craft for my nephews 13th birthday. That was when I realize tie dye has come along way from my Moms giant rubber bands and box of Rit Dye.

So whether you are an old school dyer with random rubber bands and lots of knots with only one color dye. Or you are an outright tie dye artist. I say let's break out some dye and a cotton T-shirt and have some summer fun.

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