Yesterday I wrote a blog about ways to improve your tent while you're camping at the Taste of Country Music Festival. In said article, I also mentioned that I have never successfully camped outside in my 27 years on this earth. And let me tell you, I took some heat for it.

Listen, I understand peoples concern with my non camping ability. They said "Jess, you say you love the outdoors and have you not camped?" And I tell them about my fears of not having electricity, my fear of big animals and being disconnected with what's going on in the world. Yes. I know, it's a problem. Anyway, someone suggested I try "Glamping" first and then maybe I'll warm up to real camping.

So, I headed on over to ILoveNY.Com and searched Glamping. I wasn't disapointed. There are a whole bunch of places to Glamp  in New York. For example, Blue Hills Farms in the Catskills which is adorably nicknamed a "Tent and Breakfast." I'm in. According to the site, you can have breakfast in a tree house as well as access to amenities as fancy showers and electricity. SIGN ME UP.

Have you been Glamping? Any suggestion on where I should I make my first glamping stop?

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