I had originally set out to make this message about how easy it is to set up a great back yard experience for you and your friend this holiday weekend but after hearing the news coming out of Manchester England I decided to send this message in a different direction. Instead of telling you what to do to make you back yard more fun I really just want to encourage you to have fun in your back yard. Gather family and friends and have fun, good old fashion fun. Spend time talking and catching up.

This weekend spend time with friends and family. No fuss just fun. Take a moment to enjoy the people who make up your circle. And on Monday Memorial Day remember those who gave all to give us this great country we call the United States of America.

Over the past few years it seems we can't get away from the fact that people around the world and the United States can go about their lives enjoying liberties and freedoms, then suddenly those moments end with tragedy. We saw it last week in New York's Time Square and now this senseless tragedy in Manchester England after a concert.

It is not my goal to make this about politics or drag out a soap box to deliver my opinions. Instead I would like to ask if we can all take a moment every day to be grateful, then make sure we do one thing a day to pay that gratitude forward. And finally pray to whoever or whatever you believe in that this horrible hatred can stop causing senseless tragedy every where on this planet.

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