Fall in the Hudson Valley, nothing beats it, right?

I mean, we might be a little biased because we are surrounded by the beauty of the Hudson Valley autumn landscape every day, but at the same time, that same beauty, and all that the area has to offer, attracts all sorts of people to our area, even famous baseball players.

On Saturday, October 2nd, New York Yankees World Series Champion CC Sabathia posted to his social media ' My favorite family activity (apple emoji) picking' - and tagged our very own Fishkill Farms in his post.  Seems like plenty of Hudson Valley residents, (yes, myself included), while doing some Sunday night social media scrolling, noticed the tag, and began commenting on the post.

Imagine heading out with the family for a fun fall day of pumpkin and apple picking and not being able to reach an apple off the tree, and around the corner comes six foot six CC Sabathia to grab it like it's nothing.

Sabathia, who played 19 seasons in the MLB, spending his final 10 with the New York Yankees (2009-2019).  He was the starting pitcher when the Yankees moved across the street to the 'new' Yankee stadium in 2009 and helped lead the team to a World Series Championship that same year.

The Sabathia family is said to live not too far outside the Hudson Valley in Alpine NJ.  This area of NJ isn't far from Rockland County, where I once bumped into CC, literally, in the aisle of Target at the Palisades Mall.

This isn't the first time that big-name celebrities have picked the Hudson Valley for their apple picking needs, remember T.Swift visiting the area a few years back?  Yes, she too was spotted at Fishkill Farms.

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