New York State is getting closer and closer to selling recreational marijuana statewide, and since it is legal on the state level, does that mean that you can mail some flower, weed or pre-rolled to a friend in the state as a gift?

Aren't you a generous person? What does the United States Postal Service and the government have to say about this?

Can you mail weed or marijuana in the State of New York?

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Marijuana and weed, etc., is not legal on a federal level yet, and in fact is only legal recreationally in just a few states. So, while it is legal on a state level, it is not legal on a federal level.

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Where does the United States Postal Service come into play in mailing marijuana?

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The Unites States Postal Service is a federal agency, and the feds 'just say no' to any forms of marijuana, regardless of whether or not it is pharmaceutical or recreational. 

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What about using FedEx or United Parcel Service to deliver your special green package?

These two carriers already have strict guidelines as to what they will and will not ship, and they do not want to be in trouble with the feds and crossing state lines with these substances.

Will this change? There is a very good chance that this will change. Will it be tomorrow? Probably not, but it looks like it eventually will happen (albeit a decade or two).

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