This weekend I may have solved one of the biggest yard issues I have had since I bought my house. The original owners of my house were a Swedish couple who loved to garden. One of the things they took pride in was their grapes. They had an arbor with landscaping and a picnic table. Needless to say over the year the arbor has grown tired and the picnic table saw it's last BBQ more than a few years back but the grapes are still growing happily.

Each year I trimmed them and each year they grow taller than the year before. This year I actually had one that reach the power lines to my garage. Every year I promise myself that I am going to find out how to cut them and groom the vines so that they grow correctly and yield a few grapes. Finally I may have the solution thanks to Tony the owner of Clermont Vineyards and Winery in Germantown NY.

Friends and I stopped at the winery late Sunday afternoon to enjoy a flight of wine and meet Tony the owner. It is a wonderful spot just yards off Route 9G in Clermont which is just over the Columbia County line from Dutchess County. The property was an old Dairy farm that Tony and his family converted to a winery more than a decade ago. The Clermont wines are quite tasty and there is one Red Variety that only is only available at Clermont. It is called is called Arandell and is a wonderful wine.

After enjoying the tasting and listening to Tony talk about his vines I knew he was the gentleman to ask about how to tame my grape vines. Tony Graciously spent time talking with me in the vineyard and step by step explained what I needed to do the help my grapes grow properly and produce grapes. I was so honored that he shared his knowledge and I am sure he would do the same with you. Tony is that kind of guy.

Photo credit JR / Germantown Beer Farm
Photo credit JR / Germantown Beer Farm

My project to straighten up my grapes will get underway in the next few weeks and I am looking forward to the result. Of course I will update my progress and share with you what I learned from Tony as I go. But in the meantime I suggest you head to Clermont Vineyard enjoy a glass of wine with Tony and most certainly watch the unrivaled sunset from the winery porch. They happen to face due west to the Catskills. The view will take your breathe away.

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