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Every Friday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we test to make sure our phones work as we head into the weekend with what we call a "Phone Check". If you've ever used a walkie talkie or a CB radio before, you most likely at one time or another have done a "Radio Check".

Now if you aren't sure what a radio check is, its what people do to make sure that their radios are working when they first turn them on. The power them up and on a CB say "breaker 19 radio check" and if its working someone will respond most times by saying, "radio check its working 10-4." Or something along those lines.

I haven't used a CB radio in some 30 years so forgive me if I get any of the terms wrong when we are ripping through our phone checks every Friday...LOL! After taking a bunch of calls this Friday both Jess and I thought we should probably brush up on some CB lingo. If you have any CB talk that we can use on the show next week PLEASE call or text us through the Wolf mobile app.

Here are some of the phrases we have so far....

10-4.....Copy or message received.
10-10.....not going to talk anymore.
10-100....going to use the bathroom or need a restroom break.
Smokey....Police officer.
Fox in the hen house....unmarked police car.
Bear trap....speed trap or radar being used to catch speeders.
Back it Down....slow down to speed limit.
Picture Taker....police running radar.

Help us and add to the list of lingo by call or texting us NOW!

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