I think I might have found the coolest thing I've ever seen for sale.

We all spend at least a few minutes a day scrolling through social media and sometimes, something will catch our eye that we have to investigate. That's exactly what happened to me when I took a deep dive into the Dutchess County Yard Sale Facebook page the other day.

If you've never checked out any of the market places on Facebook you don't know what your missing. People are selling just about anything and everything you can think of. I've come across all kinds of things, from clothes, to furniture, to fire trucks, and now I can add a racing simulator to the list of things.

A local guy from Dutchess County posted the other day that he's selling a race car simulator. Yes, a race car simulator that you can setup right in your house, and learn to drive like your favorite NASCAR driver, (it'll always be Tony Stewart for me...LOL). The post stated that, "Full race sim I have over 4,000.00 in vested very little use I am asking 2700.00 pick up only can not ship to large." Here's a picture of the simulator....

Joe Sauers Sr/Facebook
Joe Sauers Sr/Facebook

How many of us know someone that would LOVE to have this bad boy at home right now? I know that I can't quite afford the almost 3 grand, but I did want to mention, that if someone reading this does go out and buy it, PLEASE contact me at anytime to set up a "play date"! I'll bring food and drinks and promise to not leave a mess in your house....LOL!!

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