Apple's most expensive television venture closed down a popular Hudson Valley deli, gas station and convenience store for a couple days.

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In late January, Flory's Gas, Convenience & Deli off Schuyler Blvd in Fishkill was closed for two days. The company apologized on Facebook but didn't give a reason for the closure.

Hudson Valley Post later reported a sign outside Flory's read "Closed For Filming." A spokesperson then confirmed Flory's was closed for the filming of a sci-fi tv series.

A source close to the filming has now told Hudson Valley Post the filming was for a sci-fi TV series starring Sam Neill for Apple TV+, adding the series is the most money Apple TV+ has spent on a show.

The Jurassic Park actor wasn't at the filming at Flory's but over 200 were on set. The source told us a scene took place inside the store, where the store was destroyed. Actors then fled from a gas station pump.

A location scout who lives in Poughkeepsie recently went to Flory's and realized the location would be perfect for a scene, the source told Hudson Valley Post. The source added the show is also filming all over the world.

Discussing Film reports a sci-fi series tentatively titled Ray James is the "largest budget of any Apple TV+ series." Simon Kinberg and David Weil are the writers and executive producers for the series.  Production began in October 2019 with scheduled shoots in New York, the United Kingdom, Japan and Jordan.

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