Ladies if you are looking for the ultimate reason to move to a greener place we now have the answer. Turns out that a recent study has proven that living in the woods or anywhere that has lots of greenery is healthier for us and help us live longer. That fact might not surprise you, after all it does seem logical, but now they have scientific proof. Giving you another reason to leave the concrete neighborhood for the quiet of a dirt road lined with trees.

Yesterday while hanging out on Facebook I came across an article that was shared by the Mohonk Preserve that claimed living in the woods is good for women. Obviously, the Mohonk Preserve would want to promote forest living and preservation. They are one of the coolest place in the Hudson Valley to check out the woods with trails, activities and classes that they conduction at their locations throughout Ulster County. What they shared was a very interesting study from the Healthy Food House.

In the article we are told that being surrounded by trees and greenery can reduce stress, leading to us being more active and evening combat depression. All things that can effect quality and length of life. The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health along with the Brigham and Women's Hospital did a study of 100,000 plus woman for over an 8 year period of time. Even though approximately 8,600 of those women passed away during the study they discovered that women living in "greener" surroundings had a lower mortality rate. The study took into account age, smoking, race and socioeconomic factors that can effect life span and still they were able to confirm that the mortality rate was lower by 12 percent.

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