If credit card fees, operation fees and takeout fees weren't bad enough, a new charge on your dinner bill will leave you feeling totally taken advantage of.

I'm always the first one to stand up for restaurants when people complain about bad service or high prices. Many times customers just don't understand how hard it is to run a local business.

However, some Hudson Valley restaurants have made it hard for even me to be on their side. I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but some local restaurant owners now seem to be under the impression that they're operating as a charity that the community is required to support at all costs.

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Ridiculous Fees at Hudson Valley Restaurants Frustrate Customers

I've discussed some of the misguided business decisions of some Hudson Valley restaurant owners before. The insulting credit card fee that's tacked on to your bill after spending $35 on a bowl of pasta is a complete turn-off. Why restaurants are the only businesses that feel entitled to charge an itemized fee for their expenses instead of simply adjusting their prices is mind-boggling and a case study in terrible management.

Jacked-up prices for takeout orders and mysterious "operation fees" have also been a source of frustration for diners who say some local restaurant owners just aren't showing much appreciation for all of their support.

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Hudson Valley Restaurant is Charging a "Kitchen Administration Fee"

One restaurant in Hudson, New York is taking tacked-on fees to a whole new level. Kitty's, a restaurant and market on Front Street, is charging a 3% Kitchen Administration fee that the owner says is added to your bill in order to pay the kitchen staff.

Word of this fee has made its way to social media where consumers have been calling out the company for what they say is an "obnoxious" policy.


Online commenters are criticizing Kitty's for the fee, saying that it shouldn't be the customers' responsibility to pay a separate charge to subsidize workers' pay. One angry diner says that if a company can't afford to pay its kitchen staff "it probably shouldn't be in business."

Customers in a now-deleted Facebook conversation have pointed out that Kitty's already charges premium prices for their food. The restaurant's menu shows a half-rotisserie chicken for $36, a chicken sandwich for $18 and a slice of devil's food cake for $13. This doesn't include tax and tip. Other local business owners have noted that upcharges like these should bring in more than enough revenue to pay the kitchen staff a comfortable wage.

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Others have been more sympathetic, saying they don't blame the owners for doing what they need to offset rising costs and inflation. Although many agree that it would be simpler to slightly raise prices instead of upsetting customers with what can be perceived as an "insulting" attempt to nickel-and-dime guests.

We want to know what you think. Does the idea of paying an extra fee to cover the kitchen staff's salaries turn you off? Let us know your thoughts on our Facebook page or send us a text on our mobile app.

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