Kingston Mayor Steve Noble announced the closings today.

According to the Kingston Police Department Facebook page, Kingston Mayor Steve Noble has ordered that five city locations and all city playground structures close down starting on Friday January 29th and remain closed through Monday February 15th 2021.

Starting Friday the following locations will be restricted to the public and all pedestrian and vehicular movement, standing and parking, is prohibited according to the Executive order. The locations include,

1. City Hall located at 420 Broadway Avenue.
2. Department of Public Works located at 25 East O’Reilly Street.
3. Andy Murphy Center located at 467 Broadway Avenue.
4. Building and Safety located at 5 Garraghan Drive.
5. Water Department located at 111 Jansen Avenue.

Also included in the order is the closing of all city playground structures, including but not limited to the playgrounds at Forsyth Park, Hasbrouck Park, Hutton Park, and Kingston Point Beach.

The Executive Order does say that the only exception for entrance into any of these locations will be only for designated essential services such as governmental employees, as well as fire, police, and hospital services including transportation of patients, utility emergency repair and emergency calls by physicians.

Many comments on the Police Departments Facebook page have asked "why" these closings are being put in place, with many asking if it's COVID-19 related. We have attempted to contact the Mayors office in the City of Kingston to find out what's the reason behind the closings. We have not received a response yet, but when we do hear back, or information is made public as to why these places have been closed down, we will update this article.

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