You have to watch this video of a Kingston School playing a round of dominoes with donated cereal boxes.

The holiday season in the Hudson Valley is full of various events that look to help out families that might be struggling. Many towns, schools, police/fire departments, and radio stations hold their yearly toy, coat, glove, and food drives to do what they can to try and help out as many people as they can to have a fulfilling holiday.

Kingston City School District/Facebook
Kingston City School District/Facebook

Hudson Valley Loves Donations

The way many organizations hold their "drives" every year is they'll pick out something they'd like to collect (food, toys, etc...), and a window of time before the holidays to ask folks to donate. Often they will also pick a few locations across the Hudson Valley where people can drop off their items for collection at a later date. It's a system that is tried and true, which is why so many places do them every year but I don't think I've ever heard of an organization ever doing what a school in Ulster County, NY did this year to help fight food insecurity.

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Kingston City School District/Facebook
Kingston City School District/Facebook

Kingston, New York School Has Fun With Donated Cereal Boxes

The Robert Graves Elementary School located in Port Ewen, NY has been holding its yearly "Bagged Hunger" program for the last three years, and until recently, I had no idea that the Kingston City School district school had this much fun with some of their food donations. Every year the school asks students and their families to bring in cereal boxes for donation to the local People's Place Food Pantry. This year they collected 321 of them according to the Kingston City School District Facebook page, but before they donated them they arranged them in an elaborate domino run in the center of the gym for the whole school to watch.

WOW!! What a great job by all involved!! I'm not sure why but watching the dominoes fall and hearing how excited the kids were getting just provided us with BIG smiles!!

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