Three weeks ago, the life of Hudson Valley resident Christina Kokonis-Viggers was business as usual. Then a fun two-minute video of her singing with a karaoke machine at the Kingston Sam's Club blew up on social media. It was exciting for her to wake up everyday and watching the numbers climb. A week ago this video had 2 million views on Facebook. As of right now, that count has quadrupled to over 8 million.

When asked at what point did you think this would break 5 million views Christina said, "Once it hit 4.2 I thought, WOW, this is going to hit 5 million!"

Her daily life is now completely different. The overwhelming positive feedback has had her smiling for the past three weeks.

"I cannot stop looking at my phone, I get constant messages. Facebook friend requests, messages. It's very difficult to keep up with."

It's going to be fun to see what direction this new found internet fame will take her. Perhaps an appearance on national TV? If you haven't seen this video it's a must see.

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