What size mattress do you have?

I'm starting to look around at new mattresses and first, WOW they are really expensive, second, what size mattress would you recommend?

We got talking on the show this morning about a theory I have. The secret to a long lasting relationship is make sure you and your special someone are sleeping on a queen size mattress.

I have had both sizes and things were a lot better in life when we slept on a queen size mattress compared to a king size. Yeah I'm gonna blame the mattress size for all my problems....LOL!

We took a bunch of calls and a bunch of happily married couples agreed with us, like the lady who called and said that she's been married for over 40 years and they sleep on a queen size bed because when they argue they cant go to bed angry because they sleep so close together. Like you have heard before, never go to bed angry.

If your in a relationship, what size mattress do you and your partner sleep on? How long have you been together? Call the show at 845-473-9431 or send us a message on Facebook.

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