The week started with us hearing that the Ulster County Fair was being postponed to next year and now today we receive word that the Dutchess County Fair has been canceled as well. It is starting to feel like Summer 2020 is not going to schedule any fun at all. Well call me an optimist and find me my rose colored glasses because I am not going to give in to a summer of no fun.

My Summer has an annual ritual which consists of me running around with my sister who visits every year from New Zealand. We do the sister thing, drive each other crazy, drink lots of wine, eat lots cheese and shop whenever we get the chance. We also travel to Nantucket where we have gone every summer since we were kids for parts of July and August.

She is an artist and several galleries in the Cape and Islands carry her work. Our trip is designed to shuffle her work around for her shows but always includes cool fun stuff to do. I tag along as the Art Sherpa and get a free beach vacation for my troubles, which are really no trouble at all. I mean how hard can it be to run errands in the morning then sit on the beach every night with wine and watch the sun go down.

photo by pq
photo by pq

So here is where I am making my stand, I refuse to give up my beach vacation. I may have to do it later in the Fall. I may have to wear a sweater on the beach. And I might have to do it without my sister which means more wine and cheese for me but I am not saying Yes to no fun. I haven't figured out how to make it all happen yet, but I am not going to give up trying to enjoy some part of Summer 2020.

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