Police are warning Hudson Valley residents about a new scam involving an emergency sale of family jewelry.

According to the Daily Freeman, Kingston Police are warning that the jewelry scam goes like this, a person approaches a possible victim and says they have to sell their family heirloom jewelry quickly because of an emergency or financial need, they claim that the jewelry is made of 18-karat gold and they even offer to show the victim an 18K stamped on the jewelry piece to make it seem legit.

Police told the Freeman that the crook then offers to sell the jewelry at dirt cheap prices.

When the victim has the jewelry appraised they find out that what they bought was nothing more than a piece of fake costume jewelry valued at much less than what they paid for it.

Kingston City Police have confirmed that they have received one complaint about the scam, so please be aware and as my grandma always said "If it seems to good to be true, it probably is."

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