I'm baaaack. And boy does it feel good. I've missed waking up at 4am every day...Okay so there's a little sarcasm there, but I really am happy to be back on air.

I had a great week off with some adventures and a whole lot of time in the car and even more time on the beach.

Every couple years I head down to Holden Beach, North Carolina and crash one of my best friends family vacations. The 12 hour car ride is totally worth it with beach views like this:


But my favorite part is actually a little deeper. In the sand. I usually spend the last week of August down there when a lot of the turtle nests are hatching. Two years ago I saw about 6 turtles make their way into to the world.

Unfortunately this year, I slept through the hatching of 130 turtles. However there was one straggler who showed up fashionably late and I got to see his grand entrance into the world.

From what I'm told, they named him Charlie. There were enough people around to ensure no bird scooped him up on his journey to the ocean.

Good luck, Charlie!


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