It has finally happened.

After about a month of talk, excuses, BLAH BLAH BLAH, Jess has picked today to take the ice bucket challenge to pay off her bet on the Giants/Cowboys game back in December.

It has been a long month of trying to get it done and we are both very excited to never have to talk about this again, so after stressing about it for a month lets FINALLY GET TO IT. Ohh I have a little surprise for Jess...take a look....

Now who's the bully? Yes I have a heart...LOL. The debt has been paid.

We have to thank you to everybody who help Jess get a deferment of the challenge with our Go Fund me for the Semper Fi Parents of the Hudson Valley. We raised $550 for this great organization and couldn't have done it without your help.

Have a great weekend and make sure your listening on Monday at 7:30 for another chance at tickets to the Taste of Country Music Festival.

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