Howdy, ya'll! I'm back from Texas and I figured that was the best greeting to go with, however I'm regretting it now. Anyway...

I'm so glad to be back, I flew back home last night to JFK during the nor'easter. It was a bumpy flight but I'm so glad to be back. If you didn't know I took some time off to check out Austin, Texas. I heard it was a weird party town, so you know I had to stop by. I went to a few honky tonks, ate amazing tacos and took a trip to the Alamo. It was a successful trip for sure, but one of my favorite parts was visiting the Hope Outdoor Gallery.

The Hope Outdoor Gallery is basically an outdoor gallery where local artist go to spray paint murals. Seriously, there are some amazing portraits being created while I was there:


As you can see, it goes up for quite a bit. You can explore the gallery and add your own artwork along the way, just as long as you don't cover the bigger pieces. I heard that and you know I had to get in on it:

Clearly, I'm not much of an artist but had so much fun in Austin and I highly recommend you take a trip down. I tried to keep, Austin weird...I hope I did a good job.


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