This can't turn out good, can it?

This is a perfect example of NOT thinking before I open up my big fat mouth. On Tuesday mornings on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we do our best impersonation of the popular singing TV shows, American Idol and the Voice.

Each week Jess and I have a theme for whatever we sing and this week we sang our favorite songs that we sing in the shower. Jess went with Eric Church, Drink in my Hand and I went with the song from the Dirty Dancing movie, I've Had the Time of my Life and to be honest I thought that there was no way I was going to lose this week. That's why I opened up my mouth and said that if I lose, I'll let Jess give me a haircut. BOOM! I lost by like 100 votes.

Being a man of my word I brought in clippers and gave Jess the go ahead to shave away. Here is my hair in all its glory BEFORE the big shave.

CJ before

And here you can check us outside of the studio starting the Jess cut....that didn't quite go as planned.....

One thing I will say is THANK GOD Jess chose radio as her career and not being a hairstylist. Just like I said on the air, over the next few days I will try and find someone in my life to take it the hair down even more. I'm thinking of asking my kids to help Dad out and I do think they will jump at the opportunity to make me look foolish. Stay tuned and I'll get you a video update as soon as I find someone to help me!!!

I did find some help and here is the finished product...


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