We're all about helping each other our here at The Wolf. Earlier this morning, CJ was complaining about his ankle being rather itchy.

At first glance it looked like he had two bigger mosquito bites. But after further inspection, I think we have a case of poison ivy on our hands here. Take a look for yourself:

Since CJ is going on vacation tomorrow, I thought I would be a helpful co-host and find some remedies for him to try before his big trip. Healthline.com has a handy list of how to avoid and sooth poison ivy. Here's what I suggested to CJ:

Water + Oatmeal = Happy CJ.
Try soaking your ankle in cold water with an oatmeal based product. Healthline suggest Aveeno. Placing a wet/cold compress on the poison ivy sight every 15 to 30 minutes might help calm the itching down as well.

Lotion up!
I've had some run ins with poison ivy and nasty bug bites and the best method for me, is Calamine lotion. Spread that all over your bites. It provides quick, soothing relief. (I personally like to put it on and let the fan blow on it)

Call for Backup.
If your poison ivy starts spreading (you're probably scratching it too much!) you might want to call your doctor and get their input. While you can look up remedies all day, your doctor will probably give you the best advice.

I'm going to share my Grandpa's sound advice when it comes to working out in the yard: Rubbing Alcohol. Use that on your skin before you head out in the yard, apparently it works as a bug repellent. I've done it, it works. Also...deodorant for mosquito bites. Try it.

Disclaimer: I'm not a doctor.

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