I tried something new this week and as much as it gave me anxiety, it was all around a delicious experience.

I finally decided to do a juice cleanse. I've heard all about them and a few of my friends have tried it as well. However, I could never find one that was affordable. A friend of mine found a sweet deal where the one day cleanse, originally $50, was $30. You get six bottles of juice for the day, so if I'm doing the math right (which I'm probably not) that's $5 per bottle.

The program I used was Jus by Julie and they're located right down in Brooklyn. If you're ever in the area check them out. I really wanted to try this because like most people I'm trying to eat better and be healthier in the new year. Why not explore new ways to do that? Follow me through my day-long juice cleanse journey.


Overall, the juice cleanse was a positive experience.  The juices all tasted delicious, even if the texture was a little strange. I noticed I had more energy in the morning after bottle #1 and bottle #3 gave me a little boost for the rest of my day. I don't know if I would be able to keep this up for more than another day or two, but I see the positives in giving your body a break from all the garbage we put in it during the holidays.

Have you tried a juice cleanse before? Did you like it? Better yet, do you have any recommendations for future cleanses?

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