There's a heat wave heading to the Hudson Valley this weekend and we have the perfect recipe to survive. Beer, Bourbon and Bacon.

We're getting ready for one of my favorite events of the year at Barton Orchards. Beer, Bourbon and Bacon focuses on the three most important B's in our lives and can be enjoyed this Saturday, June 30th starting at 2pm (12pm if you're a VIP).

Ben(another B!) stopped by The Wolf studio this morning to chat about some of the specialty beers that will be available thanks to our friends at Remarkable Liquids. He also gave is a little hint on something pretty cool hiding in the Prohibition Room.

If you listen to the show you'll know that I don't like to turn down a challenge. You'll also know that I have a big mouth and get myself into trouble from time to time.

Well I went ahead and said that I you can find me shotgunning domestic beers over the weekend. Then Ben filled me in on a little Remarkable Liquids tradition. They all shotgun craft beer.

This is a new level for me.

So the challenge was thrown out and I reluctantly accepted. Take a look:

It truly was a poor showing by me. But hand me a domestic pilsner at a country concert and I'll win, Ben! (Probably not.)



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